How (not) to paint

How (not) to paint. When reality of the experimentation of not really understanding what I’m doing sets in, I have to remember my art is instinctual and I’m just taking initiative.

Sketch. I (actually) made a sketch on paper. Then redrew (traced) it on the computer. Seen here, I have it divided into printable sections to transfer it to the panel. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t not try to paint this. Continuing my ever growing theme of too much self reflection and conclusiveness of the simulation we are living in.

Transfer. Its transferred onto the panel and now you just fill it in. Great. Ideally you would complete a section and move onto the next bit but at this point I am ready to start over because I should of spent more time on the background and composition.

Paint. I have abandoned some of the composition. The smokey clouds weren’t working, I disliked the empty sides, the spaceman looking at the spaceman was too obvious. I really like how the clouds look here, they almost have a cast shadow (on the top) and they look kinda realistic in a cartoon-ish sort of way.

Spaceman is gone. Cleaned up the background and applied a few warm washes. This feels better. I’ve been playing with different dimensions/ realities in paintings with the multiple levels of existence ( as seen in some of my latest works like “Not like this”). It naturally happened tot his one too.

Whatever I did to the mountains…Finished… Well, I’m done. Like most things in life, I want to rush through it to see the finished result. There is definitely a point of diminishing returns, so I guess it doesn’t matter. That’s it. I’ve written about the process. I’m not good writer, but will venture on to increase site traffic and customer relations. If you’d like to purchase this painting contact me or check out my shop, follow me on instagram @ KyleArt, or comment below if you’d like to see more stuff with words.

2 thoughts on “How (not) to paint”

  1. Hello there,
    Big fan of your art, I bought a couple small pieces but I’m saving up for a big one. Would love to see more blogs.

    1. Awesome, thanks for collecting my work. Yes, I need more written content, Im working on it!
      – kyle

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