Octothought Traveler

Octothought travel

My most ambitious painting since Begin-End. I can distinctly tell the difference between paintings where I go into them blinding and those I plan out. In general they lack the abstract quality I sometimes lean onto. This is a painting I planned, and like most things, it’s different then envisioned and thats alright. The original spaceman’s emotionless hidden face lures viewers into obscurity. My new character shows you exactly whats inside. You have a black and white butterfly, symbolizing good vs evil, light vs dark. Proudly displayed along a red sash is a group of characters I’ve collected over the years. Although proud of these accomplishments, you can see we’re still holding onto the octopus, but it’s now locked away in a cage. The octopus was a symbol I used a lot in my older paintings, it represents when I lacked the ability to control my mind and when things would get stuck in it and try to control my emotions. I haven’t beaten it completely but its now under control, locked away but still with me. In the other hand a leaf is still clearly still stuck to its finger. The addiction to plant based behaviors has been part of the scenario for almost forever. The violent violet colored characters mirrored on both sides of the painting reflects the duality of every decision and the obstacles one must face choosing a path and that no matter which way you choose you sometimes can’t escape. I called this painting OCTOTHOUGHT TRAVELER which pays homage to a Video Game I never played. [Octo(pus)+ thought traveler] This painting is 36 inches high and 24 inches wide. Is made with acrylic painting on Wood Panel and is coated in 2 coast of satin Varnish. This painting is available in a variety of prints. Thanks for looking and for being interested in what I do. – Kyle 2020

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